Public Personal Rapid Transit Consortium

Sustainable Personal Rapid Transit

PPRTC is a Colorado 501 C(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is: "Foster an international movement for sustainable community development utilizing cost effective PPRT systems."

Podcar City

Ithaca, NY, September 18, 2008. Sponsored by the Swedish Institute for Sustainable Transportation and Connect Ithaca, LLC, conferees from Europe and North and South America heard the latest about Pod car (also known as Personal Rapid Transit, PRT) design, development and deployment.

David P. Lehmann, PPRTC President, appears in front of the display of sponsors in the news coverage!


The Consortium’s goals are:

  1. An educated public about what PPRT is and its merits in the context of today’s transportation system challenges within the development of sustainable environmentally friendly communities.
  2. Forums through which visionaries and problem solvers identify current obstacles and generate breakthrough solutions for PPRT system deployments in sustainable community designs.
  3. An online catalog of forum conversations, issues, solutions and results.
  4. A new level of cooperation and communication between community designers, leaders, stakeholders, and transportation specialists
  5. Publicly funded sustainable broad based support for the PPRT Consortium’s efforts

The Consortium’s objectives are to:

  1. Develop and maintain a website displaying educational materials for the general public on what PPRT is and how its incorporation into the mix of transportation modes can solve current public transportation problems, be cost effective, and environmentally friendly.
  2. Develop and maintain a WEB based tool which facilitates conversations with visionaries and problem solvers.
  3. Develop and promote a library of materials and solutions for professionals involved in the process of development and funding of transportation systems with an emphasis on PPRT as an important element in multi-use planning, development and integration into new and existing multi-mode transportation designs and implementations.
  4. Stimulate a new level of cooperation and communication between community designers, leaders, stakeholders, and transportation specialists.
  5. Pursue grant support to build an ongoing broad based public support through web based fundraising.

For additional information, or to participate with us, please send an email to: